Heroes of Humility


Heroes of Humility (HoH) was formed by compadres who became united in a delusion to save humanity with their bro-time chatter about human behavior. Like the inventor of the paperclip or the first person who ate an oyster, these revolutionary intellects had a simple epiphany. They realized life was better through the persevering powers of their brodum. Their simple camaraderie and conversations helped them through life’s ups and downs. In these magic moments, they forgot about life’s challenges by finding a way to laugh at themselves and their crummy situations. As the HoHs hung, not all their observations deserved acclaim. But, by God as each HoH became more human and socially adept they exhibited abilities beyond their wildest dreams. Amazingly, they developed true human empathy across a myriad of concerns beyond feigning facial concern for a fellow pal’s trite drama. No matter the gravity of their issues, the HoHs found a way to help one another, while judiciously serving a humble slice of ball busting ridicule. The secret of life probably has something to do with our connections and the humor we can find in everyday life. So, these self accredited sages set out to explore their approach to life in a podcast that reflects their true life hangs. They hope to dispense microscopic pearls of life saving wisdom and levity, no matter how shallow. THE NAME – HOH: Unfortunately, the guys became so enamored with their own endeavor it required immense restraint not to see themselves as heroes. Thankfully, their amazing humility kicked in and these oxymorons realized they should not call themselves Heroes, but instead Heroes of Humility.

The phenomena you’ll hear in our podcast delves, lightheartedly, into social behavior, the fascinating topic that came up during many of our lunches. For instance, there’s the hard charger who gets on the elevator before the riders disembark; the gym locker guy whose top locker, inconveniently places his junk in your work area as he puts his duds on in the wrong order of priority, all while having an off task conversation with another social violator; or the guy who takes pics of you in the locker room, as a cast member in in his video selfie; how about the aberrant eye gazer, who missed the cue on when not to make sustained eye contact; the stranger who lacks awareness of sat personal spacing as deemed righteous for the scenario; the coworker who makes the topic of conversation go into a weird personal place, keeping you hostage during their wack stream of consciousness, forcing you to exert every graceful fiber of your being so you don’t sprint far and fast from their voice hole. We discuss unspoken social etiquette and square off against routine social awkwardness to find the humor in everyday life fails. With total humility we can say that this podcast will probably save humanity.

HoHs – Mr. Beige, Brandon, Red, Eleven Charlie, Sundown, and Pierce together with other HoH friends who make cameos explore embarrassing case studies in every segment of society for women and men.

If you have something positive to share or a social dilemma you would like us to tackle, navigate to our Facebook page and let us know via a comment on a post or in a message. Messages with links will not be read or used and please be respectful to interact. Let us know if you want to be mentioned on the show. Emails without links related to Heroes of Humility business can be sent to dealwithit@heroesofhumility.com. Spam to our precious website will be investigated with the eagle powers in our arsenal. We’ll use the Facebook posts to connect and discuss the social scenarios you identify and you can check us out on Instagram and YouTube. As the show progresses t-shirts, wrist bands, etc., demonstrating HoHish, HoH-like, or Humilitarian support or attributes may be on the horizon for followers. Friends of the show can receive zesty HoH gear. DISCLAIMER: Attire depicting the HoH brand should be donned around those who know you well, so they do not accidentally infer that you are a slutty human and this obvious tip should in no way indicate that we have an aversion against Hoes of any kind. All types of HoHs are beautiful in their own HoHish way. Stay tuned. Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us. Be cool by staying kind. – HoHs (not slutty humans).