Ep 2 Guilty Feet, Making Talk, and Romance Part 1

The ambitious but humble sequel to Ep 1. Bravely the crew admits to liking songs they think hurt their delusional street cred in the hopes it helps others live a more heroic lifestyle. Get to know the true HoH within when the song you groove to comes on and there are no haters to judge. Then, HoHs creep to the mic like vandals to decimate the debacles in communication, especially between ladies and gents. Finally, with HoH insight dimly lighting the way the crew attempts to illuminate the mysteries between the sexes by picking up where they left off in episode one and telling all regarding their romantic failures. Let the learning, growing, and too much sharing take place. Will HoHs save the romantic lives of their listeners? With total humility we can honestly say…probably.

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