Ep 8 – A Simpleton’s Daily Catastrophes

It’s so simple it hurts. The HoHs explore the everyday challenges that must go right in the most dramatically shallow moments of existence to find happiness. Either you will relate and see the depth of your shallow existence or much like an elitist look upon these dum dums with judgement. Either way you win…because…you learn something about yourself & feel better. Witness the quest for knowledge of everything and nothing at the same time. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite app like Spotify, Stitcher, or Apple for updates. Visit the Heroes of Humility Facebook page for a poll related to this episode & a chance to win HoH Merch. For those who are writing us comments, please bare with us as the security team is still accessing the incoming blog messages we receive to ensure their safe and free of spam features. Thank you for your interest. We read the messages that are not spam. Connect with us on Facebook. Enjoy the show!

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